"This has been the most difficult real estate transaction I have ever experienced. Marjie's professionalism and never quit attitude made this happen. Never would have been successful without her. Some folks question the agent fees associated with selling/buying houses. In this case the fee should have been doubled! Couldn't have completed this purchase and sale without Marjie and Stark!"

"I thought I would just drop you a quick line telling you how much I love my house!!! Your job makes such a difference in peoples lives. I never thought I would love a home as much as the one I left, but I was wrong! I am enjoying painting, decorating and landscaping to make it "me". I would like to thank you AGAIN for your hand in that! I appreciate it more than you will ever know!"

"Thank you so much for all your hard work with the selling and purchasing of our home. You truly are a "pleasure" to work with that's why it's so easy to come back to you! I love my new home! It truely is my "dream" home. Wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not. With your help, it did happen. You are gifted in what you do Marjie and keep smiling- it's your smile that got me through many times."

"Marjie Hanssen is amazing. She was so helpful - from arranging for me to work with an awesome stager, to arranging for repair work to be done, to helping me figure out the right price and negotiating offers. Also, because I came to trust her so much I was able to move before the house sold which made all the difference to me personally. I can't speak highly enough of Marjie."

"Thank you again for absolutely everything you did in the sale of our house and in the buying of this one. We tell everyone who'll listen how we're so blessed to have an amazing realtor that went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways. Really, thank you for everything you did, we know that every realtor is not like that (we dealt with some that weren't through this process)."

"I am loving our new place. I could not possibly be happier with how everything worked out. I know I had said it before but this house is beyond what I had wished for and I am SO thankful that you were able to help me purchase it! I still cannot believe how everything happened! Thank you again for everything."

"Marjie was referred to me by my daughter, who had Marjie as her sales rep for two different home sales. She kept me informed, and her friendly demeanor gave me confidence that my satisfaction was her top priority. I would recommend Stark Realty and Marjie Hanssen to anyone in the area needing to buy or sell their home."

"Marjie went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met, our home was presented in the best manner, and that other realtors knew about our listing. She kept us constantly informed about activity on our listing and was critical in keeping us calm even during difficult times. Outstanding job!"

"You sweet miracle worker. I am so pleased to have you for a buyer's agent. You saved us thousands of $$$$ with your attention to detail at closing and during negotiations. You saved us lots of time and frustration during the search for a house. Long distance moves are no fun and your expertise and knowledge of the area,homes,builders and services saved us time and money. I have absolutely no suggestions for better service. You are TOPS!!!"

"I felt that I had exceptional service from Marjie and I ended up in the perfect house for me."

"Marjie H. is wonderful and we've worked with her for years."

"This is just an extra little thank you. We have enjoyed so much working with you. We understand that it would have been easy for tension and anxiousness to enter the picture but your honest and always optimistic attitude kept that from happening. It has been a pleasure to have you shepherd us on this journey. Your energy and professionalism are evident and appreciated."

"Marjie Hanssen was a great, personable and helpful agent. We would recommend her anytime to anyone!"

"All's well that ends well. Buying a home has never been an easy process and Marjie Hanssen went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us to find a home. She was very patient and accommodating in spite of obviously being very busy."

"I would refer a friend to Stark only because of the agent we had. Despite issues with closing among other things, everything went smoothly. We have purchased 6 homes in our lifetime, and this was by far the hardest working agent I have had. Every recommendation she made turned out well for us."

"Very efficient and knows her business well."

"Marjie Hanssen was awesome! I would recommend Marjie to everyone I know."

"I had lived in my home 53 years so buying another home was a new experience for me. I was kept well informed and questions answered throughout the process."

"I know it has been about a year now but I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated everything you did for us! Recently hearing some horror stories from other home buyers and sellers it made me re-appreciate all you did for us and I wanted to be sure and let you know you are awesome and very much appreciated!"

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